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Δημοσίευση από Παναγιώτης Ρασσιάς Την / Το Παρ Ιουλ 21, 2017 1:25 pm

I am Greek collector and i have a philatelic problem with USA stamps.
Before ten years i bought a world classic collection ,with many stamps and from various  states. The collection is built in sheets and the stamps are  stuck with hinge.
At the USA section I found these stamps:

probably newspaper stamps,but the overprint ''facsimile'' and the printing of the word ''FALSCH'' are signs of falsification ?
Or something else ?
Maybe  essay ?
Any help is welcome Very Happy
Παναγιώτης Ρασσιάς

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Ημερομηνία εγγραφής : 11/07/2017

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