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Instructions for registration

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The members of this forum are philatelists in many stamp collection fields, and it is run by a member of the Hellenic Philatelic Society and can be found by the registration number, 3342 of the HPS.

Our aim is to study the classical period 1861-1900 of the Greek stamps, as well as the discussion on all the releases that have been published, and on the future issues of Greek stamps. Even the study of postal history plays a very important role in the activities of this forum, not only for the Greek stamps but the "new countries", also.

Certainly, dealing with the collection and study of the Greek stamps does not exclude our interests in the field of stamps from other countries, especially in the classical and pre-war periοd.

Finally, one of the reasons for the existence of this site was simply that until now in the Greek Internet world there was no such purely philatelic movement, organized by members of philatelic clubs and addressed to all the philatelists, advanced or new learners of the stamp field.

Registering is simple by just typing your e-mail and choosing a nickname or even your regular one and a password. If something goes wrong and you can not enter*, ie you do not open the 'locked' , units and localities, in a little while your access will be restored by actions on our part.

Even so, for our foreign visitors who are considering registering, I am aware that there is sufficient English knowledge from many members of the forum.

* access to sections and topics has recently been modified as inaccuracies for visitors who have not registered, as the user's collection data for very good photo analysis is now too big and for this matter user's personal data protection force

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